About Us


We are innovators in the construction of Luxury Homes?

The construction of each home by CVG Construction Management Florida Keys is as exceptional as you are. We offer a wide selection of solutions, individually customized to fit your demands and expectations.

We’ll make sure you’re completely pleased with the results from our in-house Architect and Design groups. We’ll incorporate your preferences into a design that you’ll be satisfied with.

Developing a strong partnership between our customers and ourselves is one of our success secrets. Our vast experience in design and construction guarantees that you will get the house you’ve always desired.

Your satisfaction is crucial. Your feedback is very important to us, as it helps us to improve our service. Customer satisfaction is one of our core values that we align everything with.

We’ve established our reputation, over time, on a higher standard of customer support and professionalism. Our remodeling team is innovative, experienced and knowledgeable.

Our Team at Construction Management Florida Keys

Every single person in our staff takes a lot of satisfaction in his work, and values the project-management-Floridarelationships we’ve created with our customers. We actually love what we do, and you can expect great design and workmanship from our team.

We look forward to working with you. Contact us for more information at (954) 324-4063.

CVG Construction Management Florida Keys Our Newest Location

CVG Construction Management keeps growing. We have expanded our ability to service the Florida Keys. We have added another location to our growing company in Marathon. By adding another location to our growing company. We will make it possible to serve each local area more efficiently. We consider ourself innovators in Construction Management industry. By utilizing the latest technology and state of the art equipment. Makes it possible to Provide our clients control and total transparency of their project 24/7. By using our exclusive proprietary web based Project Management System, our project managers are in constant contact with the entire management  team.