Commercial Building Construction Management

CVG CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT” has been the leading commercial building construction management company in Florida for years. Over time, we’ve established a proud reputation for quality and skilled leadership  in the building industry. After having constructed a variety of layouts, we’ve developed a wide range of expertise, which helps us in finishing jobs more efficiently than our competition.

Commercial Building Construction Management

We can design and construct your job in Structural Steel, Pre-Engineered Steel, or Wood. We have the latest software in Computer-Assisted Design applications (CAD), and are experts in terms of equipment, skilled labor, and management, to make the job a huge success.


We dedicate ourselves to completely understand each customer’s unique desires and needs and provide them the support and advice required to not just meet but to exceed their expectations.

We typically work in the following sectors:

  • Commercial / Industrial / Retail
  • Institutional / Ecclesiastical / Governmental
  • Equestrian/ /Solar

We are setting the standard of excellence in commercial construction in Florida and now expanding to the Florida Keys.

Famous for Commercial Building Construction Management

We continue to work for better outcomes. Our work-sites are cleaner because we believe a clear site helps us perform better, and conveys the professionalism of both our customers and ourselves.

We also stress good communication between our customers and our project managers. We realize that construction management firms need to maintain continuous contact with their customers. This constant contact eliminates  misunderstandings and make sure that work is flowing smoothly, and in compliance with customer desires. This is why we stress open communication and weekly meetings to help make sure the job is on track.

CVG Construction Management Florida Keys

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible, whether your project is small or large. We build with the highest standards of designs and materials, incorporating the latest innovations. Whether you are planning for building a restaurant or a store; remodeling inside an office; creating any addition; redesigning a resort or a clinic; or constructing a mall or an office block, we’re ready and willing to assist.

From the planning and design, as well as the interior design, we are there each step of the way, to ensure the results match your exact requirements, and are produced promptly, as well as on budget.

We offer services economically, on time, on budget, and provide the results that match your exact requirements, without cutting corners or using substandard material.

If you have any questions, call us today at (954) 324-4063.